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Friday, April 1, 2011

Just one step

Babu Ram-Just one step ... A match and ... Only a full understanding of the innings with Sachin Tendulkar and thus the country will fulfill the dream of millions. Before the World Cup, winning him the captains of the claim, not a lack of players. They also under a strategy to win Huankar fill out in order to bring pressure on rivals. But Tendulkar World Cup Huankar not loaded, but he appeared to pray.

In his typical modest style that appeared to say that his last wish is that once he won the World Cup bike. Sachin Tendulkar who has the desire not be sentimental. Give other players a team after a statement appeared that they must win the World Cup for Sachin. But Sachin and his own Fains also knew that to aspire to be a full second later and wish.

But now the Indian World Cup win came at a distance of one step, now seemed that the only aspire not only to Sachin. He just prayed he did not forget, but then to meet him like he had a Karmayogee body itself - the mind was saddled with the job. It is no coincidence that Sachin has scored 464 in the World Cup, which most are from India.

Top scorers of the tournament just three runs from Dilshan running back. India had reached the 2003 World Cup finals, even the most scored by Sachin Tendulkar won the Golden Bat. If the time noticed Tendulkar's role limited to only team to score. The time of his fielding style looks different, not like a 36 year-old man is 20 years young is fielding.

More importantly, the entire team because of his unique enthusiasm and commitment is visible. Would not be a surprise if the World Cup later that Yuvraj Singh, Sachin to disclose that he wanted to win the World Cup. Sachin the team has worked nearly every player's mentor. He told them not only to technical requirements of the game, the guide is taking them to the mental needs.

Sachin's commitment to see millions of their fans would be disappointed at least reaching the final. Rather than own them to Sachin about, they do not want to disappoint them. Sachin Tendulkar playing cricket for the country as a young age and all the way to create such a record despite the anguish in their hearts to win the World Cup is not made up, like a child wishes to become the object of her choice . Why not aspire too?

Who does not wish to complete? Sachin's cricket career will be complete from the World Cup. Saturday will find the prayers of millions in their prayers. Some even get to see the result, India win or lose, it's sure to be Haoaihval entire nation wakes up after the match.

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