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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Also important to treat side effects

By Babu Ram-Use appropriate and correct amount of the Aoan despite fears of side effects can not be ignored completely. In Japan three decades ago, a system of relieving the side effects had been established, but many people still do not know about it.

The need was felt in 1980 that the side effects of medicines for people affected by a relief system should be established. The system as well as nearly 750 government grant is supported by pharmaceutical companies. In the event of deaths from side effects to the affected families through the system or the facility is provided or partial pension is paid. Patients were hospitalized due to side effects, medical allowance is paid.

Each year approximately 30 thousand cases of side effects, of which about two thousand patients die. Relief system in 2009 receives a first number of applications had been able to cross the thousand mark. Side effects, the figure only 3.3 percent of the total cases. Thirty-year-old relief system still very few people know about. A survey conducted in year 2 Kkr 9 showed that only five per cent are aware of this. Even medical professionals do not know much about this


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