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Friday, March 18, 2011

Sehwag in World Cup 'reflection'

By Babu Ram

Australia captain Ricky Ponting Canadian players Dhakad India batsman Virender Sehwag in Hirren Patel reflection appears.
Match Australia against Brett Lee and Shaun Tait as the Hirren Patel was Dhunai of bowlers.
Hirren Patel was only 45 balls innings and 51 runs once seemed so far not put a big goal to give Canada Australia before.
Ponting says Sehwag's play seems like they Hirren Patel.
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Ponting seeks forgiveness
Ponting ran into Steven Smith
Ricky Ponting came to tell you that his aggressive behavior on the field, not hidden.
He is obviously angry awakened. Many times they have messed up to umpires.
But in the match against Canada last week to try to take a catch when he collided with teammate Steven Smith was so angry he was there to see. They give the ball kicked on the ground in anger.
Ponting now says that if anyone felt bad their behavior, they ask for forgiveness.
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The World Cup is left in the small teams with good arguments.Big teams treat iKevin O'Brien was played by the England innings
 But this World Cup has also impressed everyone with his performance by Ireland.
Superior performance against several teams and then beat team like England.
Ireland coach Phil Simmons says his iron should be considered now that the big teams.
Phil Simmons believes that small teams and large and experienced team to play against smaller teams so that they can show their own.


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