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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How has brought benefits to large companies

Babu Ram-New Delhi, 2G spectrum is investigating the scam to the CBI showed that large telecom companies set to benefit DoT policies drawn. Senior officers at their level playing arbitrarily companies benefited. CBI sources said the big issue is related to the idea.

The company that applied for licenses in 2005 in Mumbai UAS gave the company extra time to overcome his shortcomings were. Department rules are clearly large. Errors when the application is canceled. No time to rectify our mistakes are not separate. But it did not happen. Shivraj Patil, a member of the Committee in its report mentioned the case. It is said, "The Department did not clear why some applicants were more time. Decided to withdraw from the process is expected to pay off certain applicants. "A CBI official said:" The idea to overcome the shortcomings of the application time was given over a year. The company applied in August 4, 2005. DOT without the consent of the member is given time to correct errors. Entoet ie letter of agreement was released in November 2006. Ie instead of nominal 30-day time was given over a year. "

Investigation involved the agency's official Idea Cellular in Mumbai UAS license for 3 August 2005 was applied. 31.69 per cent in Idea Cellular, Tata was the partnership. It was direct violation of the rules. Nevertheless, the application of ideas seeded. Under rules 30 days of issue of Letter of Intent applicants are required to deposit a bank guarantee and entry fees. Otherwise the application is rejected. Holes to remove the provision of time is different. But Tata Teleservices has been given extra time for several months.

Noted that the central agency scam 2G spectrum Ssoanpanie this month's report
Who Heiis 1 thousand 7 hundred crore?
New Delhi government for more than 10 years in various banks of crores of rupees had to disable the use of the funds will be in educating customers. Reserve Bank in consultation with the government in various private and public sector bank account of idle funds' depositors Education and Awareness Fund "has decided to make.

Sources 10 Wararashao 1723.24 crore in the accounts of banks 10,345,857 no transaction to lie. While banks use this massive amount of money in our business are constantly.

First, the government of the banks have asked that funds reach their heirs. The amount of lying dormant accounts to their heirs in case of failure to reach banks said they Wararashao 10 without transaction accounts moved to give the government funds.


The amount of funds deposited in the use of customer information by financial Fargiware would be to prevent awareness. Banks have been told that they should check their accounts every year and the owners of dormant accounts have to address - play a more active role in finding whereabouts. But if it can not provide the money into government coffers.

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